assalamu'alaikum warahmatuLlahi wabarakatuh to everybody. this page is all about me and my life here, in the land of foreign people. being one of the international students here, is really dull and dry if we just simply follow the main stream (ie: going to lectures, revising academics stuff, sleeping, praying, and not to be forgotten, eating..yummy!). therefore, its better to live your life to the fullest isn't it ?  come and join me in the cronicle of my life, down here in Sydney, Australia. Many thanks to all viewers for paying me a visit. To all my fellow friends, i really wish that our friendships will last forever. Indeed, it is part of the reasons why i do establish this webpage, with the hope that we will forever keep in touch. Allahu yubarik fik sahabah! salam~ 

further details on me?

want to now me further?

full name: not that important anyway. it just enough to let everyone to know me as Fauzi aka Ucu aka Poji

contact: namasayapoji (e-mail and ym)

qualifications : Sek Keb Seberang Perak, Alor Star (95-00)

                  : Sek Men Sains Pokok Sena, Alor Star (01-05)

                  : Petronas Uni of Technology, UTP, Tronoh (06)

                  : Australian matriculation, INTEC Shah Alam (06-07)

                  : The University of Sydney, AUS (08-11)


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